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Well guys, 2017 is coming to a close. And I like take a moment that I have an announcement. I've been decided to make a fresh start on DeviantArt since I've been on this account for almost 8 years, but I think it's time for me to move to a new account. I'm still gonna be the same, same OC's, same creations, but new stuff as well on a new account. This is my final post here, so if you want to continue my support, go to my new account. And as for commissions I paid for the artists, you need to use my new account.

This is my new account SuperMachRider94 to check out. My old account will remain, because of the popularity of the fanmade power ups I done back then.

Dragon Cup:
Ocean View (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Samba Studios (Samba De Amigo)
Carrier Zone (After Burner)
Dragon Canyon (Panzer Dragoon)

Rogue Cup:
Temple Trouble (Super Monkey Ball)
Galactic Parade (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Seasonal Shrines (Shinobi)
Rogue's Landing (Skies of Arcadia)

Umbra Cup:
OutRun Bay (OutRun)
Puyo Puyo Festival (Puyo Puyo)
Neon Driftway (Phantasy Star)
Umbra Moon Route (Bayonetta)

Emerald Cup:
Dream Valley (NiGHTS Into Dreams)
Chilly Castle (Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg)
Graffiti City (Jet Set Radio)
Sanctuary Falls (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Arcade Cup:
Graveyard Gig (House of the Dead)
Adder's Lair (Golden Axe)
Burning Depths (Burning Rangers)
Race of Ages (Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed)

Classic Cup 1:
Sunshine Tour (Samba De Amigo)
Shibuya Downtown (Jet Set Radio)
Roulette Road (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Egg Hangar (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Classic Cup 2:
Rampart Road (Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg)
Outer Forest (House of the Dead)
Sandy Drifts (Super Monkey Ball)
Thunder Deck (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Remember that April Fools joke about an updated port of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed? If you don't remember, here:…

Well this time, I want this to be real. And I do have amazing ideas for this port with some additions and subtractions. 

First off, the port will be on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For the PC version, I'm not sure maybe a seperate DLC pack which has the Turbo additions. 

Secondly, the characters. For this port, All the characters from the game (not counting PC characters) will all return, except that both Danica Patrick and Ralph will NOT be in the game because of some reasons, for Ralph, he was a guest to promote the movie in 2012, and i'm not sure if they do that again with Disney for the upcoming movie "Ralph Breaks the Internet", and Danica Patrick, she was a great character to play as in the game but unfortunately she was no longer with Jr. Motorsports since she moved to the Monster Energy Nascar Cup series (Originally was Sprint Cup) since 2013 and since 2015 Go Daddy! ended it's relationship with Nascar as well. 

So we can say good bye to those characters and say hello to these 8 new racers, 3 returning ones and 5 brand new ones. And note, these are all SEGA characters.

Returning characters:

Billy Hatcher (Absent from the game since the first game, but the characters in Chilly Castle are there. Now rides on a Egg-shaped Sports Car which transforms into Egg Hovercraft and an Egg Jet)

Ryo Hazuki (Did appear in the game, but as a DLC character exclusively to the PC version. Races on the same vehicle from the original.)

(Now rides on a vehicle based on O-Papa)

New Characters:

Chaotix (Uses the formula of AGES and Team Fortress, but with characters of the Chaotix from Sonic. Espio races in a Car, Vector rides on a Boat, and Charmy rides in a Plane)

Silver The Hedgehog (Another Sonic the Hedgehog character who finally represents the Modern Era, as he races on a futuristic electric car)

Arle Nadja (Because of the release of Puyo Puyo Tetris, Arle finally comes to Sega All-Stars as she races on a car based on Carbuncle, which also transforms to a boat and plane)

Amitie (Because of the release of Puyo Puyo Tetris, another Puyo Puyo character joins in, This time, she races on a car which is based on a Puyo.)

Bayonetta (The Umbra Witch finally appears in an Sega All-Stars game and to do like Smash Bros. 4, she was toned down a bit with the exposure. She rides on a car similar to Enzo's or the Irenic from the vehicle sections of the series)

Courses are the major thing in the game, in fact all the courses from the game are all returning. But 7 new courses will be added to the game. The Dragon Cup, Rogue Cup, Emerald Cup, Arcade Cup, and Classic Cup are all there, but two new cups will be added, The Umbra Cup and the Classic Cup 2. And one of the courses from the original game will be in one of the cups.


Umbra Cup:
OutRun Bay (OutRun)
Puyo Puyo Festival (Puyo Puyo)
Neon Driftway (Phantasy Star)
Umbra Moon Route (Bayonetta)

Classic Cup 2:
Rampart Road (Billy Hatcher)
Outer Forest (House of the Dead)
Sandy Drifts (Super Monkey Ball)
Thunder Deck (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Next, Items. There are some original items in the game, but what if they add some changes and a couple of new ones to make it interesting?

First off a new item, the Cyan Laser Wisp. When holding it, the player will be able to target the driver that is ahead of you and can hit at 3 drivers that are connected at the same radius.
Since Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Holiday 2017, I think they should include some DLC based on Rocket League in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This pack includes 3 karts based on the Battle Cars and a guest battle arena like Urchin Underpass.

Octane (Blue)
Dominus (Orange)
Breakout (Green)
NRG (Mario)

Spyder (Red)

Rocket League Parafoil

Battle Arena:
DFH Stadium (Theme is the remix of the Rocket League theme and Whiplash)
Stage 1: Starshine City (Home to the Roberts Twins, set in an a suburb with buildings and a beach with the city in the background)
Stage 2: Lightning Bay (An Neon Island/Baylight Coast inspired level with storms and hurricanes)
Stage 3: Terminal Factory (A factory inspired of Digital Factory from Super Mach Rider 3 and the factory levels from On The Rush)
Stage 4: Asparia Mountain
Stage 5: Mystic Forest
Stage 6: ?
Stage 7: Roulette Land
Stage 8: Frostbite Glacier
Stage 9: Thermal Cavern
Stage 10: Sky Armada Zone
Stage 11: Stratos Storm
Stage 12: Wave Omega Station
Max/Mach Rider
Hayley/Mach Girl
Kevin/Mach Zero
Sabrina/Mach Star
Shadow Max/Dark Mach Rider
Commander Wave

Marasaki GT
Kinomoto Spark
Burn Charger

Nitro Cup:
Mach Rider's Circuit
Wave Robot Plant
Starshine City

Spirit Cup:
Rifting Caldera
Aquatic Terminal
Sky Armada Route
MBR Legend Road

Battle Arena: Sky Armada Hangar
Hopefully you can support me by sending me money to my Paypal, i'll be happy to accept it. I want to do more creations with my characters and more Mario Kart TrackMania videos. I might do them by season.
So you guys want to hear the story about the two kids named Max Roberts and Hayley Roberts? Well before they are known as Mach Rider and Mach Girl as of today, let's take you back to the year 2112. 

2112 (The setting of Mach Rider takes place in)

Metronex City was in a big crisis when some Quadrunners appear destroying everything and along the roadways. Everything was a disaster and when a unit called the Resistance Army of Metronex or R.A.M. is battling the quadrunners, which was done by the orignal Commander, Lucian Tend of the Tend Resistance. He wanted to take over the world along with the Captain of the Tend Reistance, Rorkan Wave, and some other members. Quadrunners appear around Metronex City so they could start the Metronex Wars for a long time. Until one man named Richard Roberts under his alias as Mach Rider, appears and he is about to destroy all the Quadrunners and the Tend Unit by a power high-tech superbike as he goes sector to sector. He has the mounted gun on his bike to kill all the Quadrunners, take down the leader of the Tend Resistance and saves the world. 

Lucian Tend was officially killed by Richard Roberts, which was actually his best mission. And because of this
It's the time of the month when the Nintendo Switch is coming, but I won't get it at a later date. But I want to do some reservations for friends on the Nintendo Switch.

From now on I only take Nintendo ID's, if you are referring to a Nintendo Network ID, then thats for the Wii U and Miiverse. I won't accept anymore friend requests on the Wii U, since i'm phasing out to the Switch but the Nintendo 3DS is here to stay because I recently got a New 3DS XL as of December. 

Now, if you claimed your Nintendo User ID, please comment below to RSVP. Oh and my User ID is MachRider94.
I heard half of the players deleted the app, but I need some survivors who still play it. Anyone still need some friends, i'll link you my Twitter page: or i'll send you through e-mail.
Nitro Cup:
Mach Rider's Circuit
Autumnal Meadows
Sunshine Coast
Desert Invasion

Flame Cup: 
Mach Rider's Circuit
Arcade Park
Haunted Route
SCM Central Subway

Blue Star Cup:
Dolphin Peninsula
Treetop Edge
Wave Robot Plant
Battleship Zone

Shockwave Cup:
Dragon Road
Sapphire Downhill
Infernal Volcano
Starshine Freeway

Revolution Cup:
Stratus Skyway
Darkness City
Wave Stronghold
MBR Legend Road

Sun Cup:
Antarctic Circle
Spiral Falls
Retro Nightclub
TrueStar Route

What is the Unknown World?

Sat Feb 11, 2017, 10:16 PM
If you didn't remember my ideas, people didn't discover that what is the Unknown World, the place where both Max and Hayley Roberts were in? Well lets remember what happened, when Richard and Pamela Roberts were killed by Commander Rorkan Wave along with some of the members of the R.A.M., the Roberts twins want to get away from him since they might be their targets next. They were about to reach their 10th birthday in a few days, but days passed and they reached their age, they are still on the hunt. Until Max got a weapon that actually destroys Wave's airship, killing their appprentice and the crew. Now Wave is finally out for revenge on the Roberts kids. So Max and Hayley have to get out of here, but not in Metronex City. They ran away to a lab where the entire prototypes were destroyed until they spotted the R.I.F.T.T. (Rapid Interstellar Flyer of Time Travel), a Time Rocket which still works after the incident. When they are about to get out of here, Commander Wave confronted them with their weapon, the Wave Cannon, now about to kill the kids, but it was too late because when Max powers up the rocket, they initially got out of here to the R.I.F.TT. and set their coordinates to the past, year 1994.

Oy....February is still underway and I got alot of things with my creativity. I took a break from my drawing since the Super Bowl was hosting in my hometown, but now that it's over, I can finally do my projects again and even with the Nintendo Switch arriving in March. I'm working on a new drawing that has my character Max in it. I can't tell you what it is, so stay tuned.

Mario Kart TrackMania is back in session and i'm working on a remake of the map with some sound effects added and removed the voice clips. I think having sound effects would be good. And this time the video will be recorded through Fraps instead of the in-game recorder since I looked at the detail of the N64 Rainbow Road ending segment from my New Year's Video.

Also, I have 2 weeks of Core left, but it doesn't matter I officially changed to my trademark username. 

Well that's it.

Yup it's true, if you all remember my work, I drew my character of Max/Mach Rider and Hayley/Mach Girl. I'm currently working on both Kevin/Mach Zero and Sabrina/Mach Star. 

My birthday is coming to an end, but I will remember this. Thank you all! You made me proud.


Fri Jan 13, 2017, 10:45 PM
It's true, I'm finally 23 years old today! I hope you can finish making gifts for me today or tomorrow. I will be proud for making some art work!

I'm so happy that the Nintendo Switch is coming! I'm gonna make a reaction video.

MachRider94's hub on Discord

Thu Jan 12, 2017, 9:08 AM
My Discord chat is open as of 2015, everyone can join Mach Rider's experience in my hub!
Here's the invite:

Nintendo Switch event tomorrow!

Wed Jan 11, 2017, 6:24 AM